Burger King is giving away free hamburgers — here's how to get one

Burger KingBurger King is giving away free burgers.
  • Burger King has debuted its own version of rival McDonald’sBig Mac.
  • Burger King says the new burger, called the Big King XL, has 175% more beef than the Big Mac.
  • Burger King is giving away Big King XL burgers for free to customers who place a $US3 minimum order on Grubhub.

Burger King is giving away free hamburgers to celebrate the debut of a new sandwich, the Big King XL.

Customers can get the free burgers by placing a minimum $US3 order from Burger King through Grubhub’s app or website.

Burger King will add a Big King XL to the order for free. Grubhub is waiving delivery fees during the promotion, which lasts through the end of January.

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The Big King XL, which launched nationwide on Thursday, is Burger King’s take on rival McDonald’s Big Mac.

Burger King says the Big King XL has 175% more beef that the Big Mac and two slices of bread, compared to the three featured on the Big Mac.

The Big King XL also includes American cheese, sliced onions, pickles, lettuce, and “special savoury sauce.”

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