New Hampshire Burger King Cracks Down On Elderly Women Who Use Its Parking Lot

McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food chain that’s feuding with senior citizens.

A Burger King in Manchester, N.H. is reportedly cracking down on a group of elderly women who park in its lot once a month so they can take day-long bus trips to Boston.

The 14 ladies returned from their most recent trip Friday to find their cars loaded onto a tow truck, The Consumerist reports via the New Hampshire Union Leader.

“I felt horrible when they all showed up,” the tow truck driver told the Union Leader. “They were sweet little old ladies.” The towing fee was $US160 for every car but out of pity, the driver reduced it to $US100. Eight cars belonging to the group were towed.

The driver said that the Burger King manager contacted him on Friday and asked him to tow cars that had been there all day.

The women have been using the Burger King parking lot for two decades for their monthly trips, which includes a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Symphony. Many of them purchase Burger King food before hitting the road.

Kathleen Goulet, 78, who went on the most recent trip, said the owner of the Burger King recently posted signs warning that non-patrons’ cars could be towed.

“Burger King should have put post-its under the windshield wipers (saying) don’t do it again,” Goulet told the Union Leader. “They couldn’t have been oblivious to the fact we’ve been doing this all these years… I think it was a dirty trick.”

The Union Leader tried to get in touch with a manager of the Burger King but was unsuccessful.

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