Burger King directly attacks Wendy's and brings back spicy nuggets in escalating fast-food battle

Burger King spicy nuggetsBurger KingBurger King is serving Spicy Chicken Nuggets for the first time.

Burger King is bringing back spicy chicken nuggets after fast-food fans were anguished to lose the popular menu item earlier this year.

There’s just one problem — spicy nuggets weren’t on Burger King’s menu. They were a beloved Wendy’s menu item, that the fast-food chain cut from the menu earlier in 2017.

On Tuesday, Burger King announced the launch of Spicy Chicken Nuggets. The 10-piece limited time offering will cost $US1.49.

The fast-food chain is pointedly going after Wendy’s with the launch. In Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City, all customers named “Wendy” will receive on free 10-piece order of Spicy Chicken Nuggets after noon on Friday, October 13 if they bring a valid form of identification.

“There were a couple competitors out there that did spicy nuggets, and all of a sudden, one or two of these competitors decided to eliminate the product,” Burger King’s president Alex Macedo told Business Insider.

Burger KingBurger KingBurger King is taking out a full page ad in the Miami Herald to promote the new nuggets.

“We saw some of the same things we had seen for Chicken Fries,” a menu item Burger King brought back in 2015 after discontinuing the dish, Macedo said. “People were craving this spicy nugget. They wanted spicy nuggets.”

Wendy’s told fans that it removed spicy nuggets from the menu due to a lack of demand. Macedo says that Burger Kings nuggets can succeed where Wendy’s failed because the chain tested a new nugget recipe, focusing in on what customers crave.

“There’s a need out there, and we have a LTO,” or limited time offering, Macedo said. “We want to take advantage of this opportunity before anyone else does. So, we’re going straight to the point.”

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