Burger King's most bizarre menu item is 'back by popular demand'

Mac n’ Cheetos are about to return to the menu at Burger King. 

The bizarre fast-food mashup will return to menus for a limited time beginning on May 18. The Mac n’ Cheetos will come in an order of five pieces, with the recommended price of $US2.69. 

The dish, made of creamy mac n’ cheese deep fried into Cheeto-shaped sticks and covered with crispy Cheetos flavoring, was originally introduced in June 2016. According to Burger King, the “instant guest favourite” is “back by popular demand,” after it sold out in just a few weeks last summer. 

While it’s hard to argue with the fact that Mac n’ Cheetos went instantly viral, customers’ actual appreciation for the menu item was more mixed. 

In a Business Insider taste test, about half of the testers were repulsed by the cheesy treat. 

“These are bad. Very bad,” one tester said. “There is no flavour, no crispiness, just a mushy center that vaguely resembles mac and cheese that’s been run through a blender coated in something that looks like Cheetos and has also run through a blender.”

However, others will likely be ecstatic to see the item back on the menu. 

“I’m so concerned as to how much I think I like these,” said one such Business Insider taste tester. “I ate gourmet French cuisine yesterday and I am deriving nearly the same amount of satisfaction now.”

Some Mac n’ Cheetos fans have taken to social media in recent months to demand the return of the menu item.

In the months since Mac n’ Cheetos disappeared from Burger King menus, Mac n’ Cheetos obsessives have been able to find frozen versions of the treat, made by Frito-Lay, in grocery stores or at Sheetz, a regional chain of convenience stores. 

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