Tory Burch's $2 Billion Business Started In Her Kitchen

tory burch

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Tory Burch is one of the most successful fashion designers in the world. Her business is worth $2 billion in less than a decade. 

But in an interview with Rock centre With Brian Williams, Burch revealed her humble beginnings. 

She worked designing clothes, shoes and accessories in her kitchen until she had enough money to open a store in Manhattan. 

According to Rock centre: 

“Tory was also raising six children, three from her marriage with Chris Burch and three from Chris’s previous marriage. But, despite her reservations, Tory and her ex-husband Chris put up $2 million to launch the company. Chris also helped her raise another $10 million through investors, and with this capital, the Tory Burch label was born.

Tory’s brand, now estimated to be worth upward of $2 billion, began in her kitchen. The first New York storefront opened in 2004, and Tory worked from her apartment for the next two years, until she had about 16 employees.”

Now, Burch is embroiled in a legal battle with her ex-husband over his new fashion label, which she thinks is too similar to hers. 

Here’s a video clip of her interview: 

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