Bunnings is bringing back sausage sizzles in NSW and ACT after a 6-month break in fundraisers

Bunnings. Bunnings
  • Bunnings is bringing back its sausage sizzles in NSW and the ACT.
  • It comes after Bunnings suspended the iconic fundraiser in March due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The sausage sizzles resume in ACT on October 3 and in NSW on October 10.
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Bunnings is bringing its sausage sizzles back to New South Wales and the ACT.

The iconic community fundraiser will be returning to the ACT on October 3 and New South Wales on October 10.

Usually, more than 40,000 sausage sizzles happen each year but Bunnings suspended them in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The home and hardware retailer also donated $500 gift cards to organisations that had booked sausage sizzles for the following month to help with their fundraising efforts.

Community organisations that had pre-booked their sausage sizzles during lockdowns have been prioritised when they resume in October. These include the 130 groups booked across New South Wales during the first weekend back and around 10 in the ACT.

“We know community groups and customers in NSW and the ACT are keen to see community sausage sizzles return and we’re really excited to be bringing them back in a way that will keep everyone safe,” Bunnings Chief Operating Officer Deb Poole said in a statement.

“We’ve had phenomenal customer feedback in states where we’ve brought the fundraisers back and community groups have done an incredible job prioritising customer safety with the new physically distanced layouts and additional hygiene measures.”

In addition to the extra hygiene measures, customers in NSW can use the Service NSW app to check-in.

The decision to resume sausage sizzles in NSW and ACT comes after Bunnings restarted the fundraiser at stores in Tasmania and the Northern Territory in July.