CONFIRMED: Bunnings snags will now be served with the onion under the sausage

Greg Wood/AFP/Getty Images
  • Bunnings has made a change to the way the main product from its sausage sizzles are compiled.
  • For safety reasons, the hardware store now recommends placing the onions first on the white bread and before the sausage and sauce.
  • It says this helps prevent the onion from falling and creating a slip hazard.

Bunnings is making a change in the name of safety to its popular weekend barbecue sizzle favourite, a sausage with onions and sauce in a slice of a white bread.

The new rule: The fried onions must be placed on the white bread first and not on top of the plain sausage.

The reason: This helps stop the onion from falling out and creating a slip hazard.

The new rule was uncovered by 3AW in Melbourne which said: “Even the humble snag in bread isn’t safe from the age of Occupational Health and Safety.”

The change to the sausage sizzles, run by community groups at the entrances to the warehouses to raise funds, has many unimpressed.

Comment flowed on social media:



Debbie Poole, the Chief Operating Officer of Bunnings, confirmed the change.

“Safety is always our number one priority and we recently introduced a suggestion that onion be placed underneath sausages to help prevent the onion from falling out and creating a slipping hazard,” she says.

“This recommendation is provided to the community groups within their fundraising sausage sizzle welcome pack and is on display within the gazebos when barbecues are underway.

“Regardless of how you like your onion and snag, we are confident this new serving suggestion will not impact the delicious taste or great feeling you get when supporting your local community group.”

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