Check Out Moscow's Strange New Restaurant Inside A Cold War Bunker

Bunker42, Moscow's Cold War Nuclear Bunker Restaurant/Karaoke Club

Photo: Bunker42

There’s a wild new bar, restaurant, museum — we’re not sure what to call it actually — in Moscow called “Bunker42.”It’s a weird cross between a museum and a karaoke bar that’s 213 feet underground in a Cold War nuclear bunker, according to Eater.

The space spans 75,000 square feet and “could house and feed up to 3,000 people for 90 days.”

The bunker was originally completed in 1975. A private company bought the space in 2006, and is trying to transform it into the newest hotspot.

Inside the club looks pretty cool. Here's the stage for karaoke.

The bar has a nice military theme to it.

Everything is a vibrant red.

There's a huge banquet hall for large, private parties.

The chandeliers in the banquet hall look like flying saucers. Also, you can host your wedding here.

The renovations have preserved all of the bunker's key attributes.

The bar inside the banquet hall is very posh.

Then things start to get strange. This jail cell looks creepy.

The bunker is divided into blocks. This is block four.

The cargo pass was built to move supplies around the bunker.

The underground tunnels must be trippy after a night of drinking.

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