Bumbling Mets Management Can't Even Fire People Competently

Want to blame your crappy baseball team’s performance on your manager? Fine. But here’s a suggestion: Don’t make it clear to all the world that the team’s real problems are in the front office, where it takes weeks to make decisions, and, once made, the decisions are executed with gag-show ineptitude. NY Post:

Midnight Massacre an Amazin’ Act of Cowardice

ANAHEIM – The e-mail was time-stamped 3:14 a.m., Eastern time. In a simpler time, in a different world, maybe the Mets would have succeeded completely in this cowardly purge of their baseball team. Maybe then they would have been able to hold off on telling everybody what they’d planned to do until long past their vessels in the media were fast asleep.

Ah, but there is this wonderful thing known as the Internet now, and here we are, telling you that while you were sleeping, at 3:14 a.m. New York time, at 12:14 a.m. California time, two hours after the Mets beat the Angels 9-6, the Mets finally got around to firing Willie Randolph.

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