Parent Files Bullying Complaint Against High School Football Team That Beat His Son's Team 91-0

Coach jim buchananWFAACoach Tim Buchanan

The parent of a Western Hills High School football player has filed a formal complaint against the coaches of Aledo High
after the team’s blowout victory of 91-0, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas ABC affiliate WFAA reports.

In the complaint, the father wrote that he didn’t “know what to say on the ride home to explain the behaviour of the Aledo coaches for not easing up,” according to WFAA. Aledo coach Tim Buchanan responded that he would never ask his players to go out on the field and not play hard.

Aledo starters only played the first half of the game that took place on Friday, according to Buchanan.

From Fox News:

In the report, which was released Tuesday, the unnamed parent lists both football teams as victims and the Aledo High School coaching staff as the offenders. The parent claims “everyone in the football stadium” was a witness to Buchanan and his staff’s “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

Despite the father’s complaints, even the opposing team’s coach doesn’t think there was much Aledo could do to keep from scoring.

“We just ran into a buzzsaw, you know,” Western Hills coach John Naylor told The Star-Telegram. “[Aledo] just plays hard. And they’re good sports, and they don’t talk at all. They get after it, and that’s the way football is supposed to be played in Texas.”

Texas state law requires that the Aledo principal investigate the complaint and issue a report, according to Fox News.

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