A Tailor Has Started Making Custom $US20,000 Bullet-Proof Business Suits

Bullet proof suit

Toronto-based tailor Garrison Bespoke has started making bullet-proof suits for businessmen who travel to dangerous parts of the world,
the Globe and Mail reports.[via

These custom three-piece suits are made with armoured material meant to shield the wearer’s vital organs from bullets and knives.

What’s more is the suits designed to be discreet and comfortable, according to the tailor’s website.

From Garison:

This past year, Garrison Bespoke worked alongside suppliers for the US 19th Special Forces in developing the custom bulletproof suit. Using nanotechnology, it’s comprised of the same carbon nanotubes designed for the US troops’ uniforms in Iraq. Yet, the patented suit material is a lot thinner and flexible; 50 per cent lighter than Kevlar (the material commonly used in bullet-proof gear). The entire suit acts like a shield, with nanotubes in the fabric hardening to block force from penetrating through.

They retail at $US20,000 per suit. According to City News, there’s already a wait list.

You can see bullets being fired on this suit in this City News clip below: