This Bullet Hole In A Manhattan Church Was Meant For J.P. Morgan

Wall Street’s history is fascinating, especially the history of its major players.

One of our friends recently shared a photo he took of a bullet hole in an Episcopal church that was meant for J.P. Morgan (the man).  The financier attended St. George’s Chapel, which is located at Stuyvesant Square in Manhattan.  

Empire State Tribune’s Celia Durgin recounts the story of the assassination attempt: 

The assassination attempt in St. George’s went grossly awry.  Philanthropist and industrialist J.P. Morgan attended the Chapel of St. George for several years with his son, J.P. Morgan, Jr.  Despite Morgan’s famous generosity, he had enemies; anarchists hated him simply for his industrialism.  One day in St. George’s, while Morgan and his son sat listening to the Reverend, an assassin aimed a gun at Morgan, Jr. and fired.  He missed.  He fired again, this time hitting a doctor who was volunteering as an usher.  The Reverend immediately ordered the organist to begin playing the National Anthem, and everyone stood and sang along in attempt to prevent the shooter from causing further harm.  Morgan and his son were safe, but unfortunately the doctor died from the wound.  The assassin’s first shot left a bullet hole in the wall that remains to this day.

Check it out: 

Bullet hole for JP Morgan

Photo: Business Insider

Check this photo out, too: 

JPMorgan at St. George's church

Photo: Business Insider

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