WATCH: Giant Bull Shark Scares The Crap Out Of Woman Fishing In River

A YouTube user named Sarah Brame uploaded this little video of her fishing yesterday. See it below for a surprise shark and some NSFW language.

We asked some researchers their thoughts.

“Yes, there are big sharks in some rivers. The shark in the video appears to have been a bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas). This species is euryhaline (capable of living in a range of salinities) and has been found far upriver in many areas, including the US,” shark researcher Aaron Wirsing, of the University of Washington, told me in an email.

This isn’t that unusual, he said. “Indeed, a series of bull shark attacks in a New Jersey river originally inspired Peter Benchley’s Jaws story.” So, have you seen a shark like this in a river near you?

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