STAMPEDE! Bulls, Cowgirls, Cowboys, And CBS Takeover Times Square

Bull riding in Times Square

The Professional Bull Riders series held the penultimate event of their season on Friday afternoon, right in the middle of the tourists and business folk in Times Square.

This was not just an exhibition. It was full-fledged tour event featuring 10 of circuit’s top riders and bulls. It was also the last event of the year, before the World Finals in Las Vegas on October 23.

We got as close as we could without getting kicked in the face and came back with some mud in our eye, and a few pictures.

The “Built Ford Tough Road to Las Vegas” airs this Sunday (Oct. 17) on CBS. Check your local listings.

Waiting for their ride

Angry bulls

A little bit country...

Mounting up

8 seconds?

Look out!

Crowds gather in Times Square ...

And in the NASDAQ building

But not everyone is happy about it

(Almost) Live on CBS

He walks away unscathed

Welcome to New York

Eight seconds of glory

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