Witness the haunting beauty of the epic Soviet-era monolith abandoned in the Bulgarian mountains

Nearly 19 miles from the nearest town, a monolithic structure called the Buzludzha Monument adorns the mountains of Bulgaria.

Surrounded by nothing but steep hills and clouds, this bizarre monument looks completely out of place with the scenic background — almost as if a spaceship had landed on the top of a cliff.

Photographer Romain Veillon got an inside glimpse of the structure and took several photographs of the building.

Check out what the structure was for, and what it looks like today:

The Buzludzha Monument was a man-made $35 million project, constructed by Bulgaria's Communist Party in 1981, to commemorate socialist communism.

Since the area isn't accessible by public transport, one must either drive or bike to the base of the mountain.

The monument is also closed to the public. To gain access, one must crawl through a small opening in the side, followed by a 10-meter drop.

Taking about 5 years and 6,000 workers to complete, this former home to Bulgaria's communist regime was designed to inspire and display the might of the socialist movement.

Intricate Soviet-themed mosaics decorate many areas.

Tourists and artists have found interesting uses for the decrepit building by staging music videos and fashion photo shoots.

Fully renovating the monument has been estimated around $19 million. This presents challenges for Bulgaria, one of the poorest countries in the European Union.

Suggestions for the future of the monument include outright demolition or establishing a museum to remember Bulgaria's history.

Having been neglected by the state due to its costs, the monument has been taken over by the elements.

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