Build-A-Bear got a new Pokémon plushie and it's already out of stock

Eevee plushBuild-A-BearThe Eevee plush from Build-A-Bear is already sold out online.

Though the Build-A-Bear store has long offered things outside the strict category of ursine toys, it just expanded its offerings to the vast world of Pokémon, too!

In addition to the Pikachu plush it already offered, Build-A-Bear just added Eevee to both its online and brick-and-mortar locations.

The full “online exclusive” set includes the basic Eevee toy, two outfits (a furry cape and a Pokéball-adorned onesie), and an exclusive Eevee trading card for the hefty price of $62.

If you really have your heart set on getting this little guy, you’re going to have to wait. According to the Build-A-Bear site, Eevee is all sold out for the time being.

You might still be able to find Eevee in stores, but some items, like the fur-lined cape, are exclusive to the online store. Honestly, that might be for the better; the Pokéball onesie is clearly the more fashionable of the two outfits.

You can still get the Pikachu set, though. That set comes with two hoodies — one that’s Pokéball-themed, and one that looks like Charizard. Rather than dive into the murky morality of having one Pokémon dress up in what looks like the skin of another, we’ll just keep pretending it’s super cute.

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