This American Ride Just Became The Number One Car In China

Buick Verano

[credit provider=”Courtesy General Motors”]

Much of the car news from China has been the heady gains that were made by the German luxury manufacturers in the country, especially Audi.But the number one car in China is from a decidedly American company.

The Buick Excelle, known as the Verano in the USA, was the number one passenger car in China with 254,000 sold in 2011, according to The Truth About Cars.

This news comes just after GM regained its place as the number one automaker in the world.

Buick has been one of the top brands in China for decades. Most of their success is legacy based; a past emperor and president could frequently be seen in Buicks.

After the Excelle, the Chinese built VW Lavida came in second with the Chevrolet Cruze rounding out the top three. VW and GM dominated the rankings, taking seven of the top 10 places.

VW and GM must be pleased that their heavy investment in the Chinese market is showing dividends.

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