The Fastest Car In The World Is Going For A Record At Germany's Toughest Race Track

With a certified top speed of 267 MPH, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the fastest street legal car in the world.

But that is only in a straight line. Try to throw this 1,200 horsepower behemoth into a set of corners, and it’s weight — nearly 4,100 pounds — gets the best of it.

However, that doesn’t mean Bugatti isn’t going to try to set some records, especially when times around Germany’s famed and fearsome Nurburgring have become the new bragging rights for automakers.

Now, we don’t expect the Veyron can beat the record on the track, but we do expect this car, which is straight from Bugatti’s French headquarters, to beat the 7:30 mark set by the standard car.

Since “production car” is a very loose term, the fastest time changes depending on who you ask. We bet they’re aiming for the 7:11 time of the Gumpert Apollo Sport.

Best of luck, but we doubt it makes it.

Check out the Veyron testing on the track below (via YouTube):

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