Bug Labs Sets Pricing: $349 For Open-Source Mobile Gadget

Over the weekend at CES, Flatiron-based Bug Labs announced pricing and availability for its “open-source” mobile gadget. (The “Bug” is essentially a lego kit for mobile hobbyists/engineers — you can swap out modules like LCD screens and digital cameras, and it will run any software OSes or apps you can write for it.)

The “Bug” base unit will cost $349 and is set to ship this quarter — QA testing delayed the company’s initial 4Q07 ship date. Late last year, Bug Labs founder Peter Semmelhack gave us a tour of the device.

Some basic add-on modules will also ship this quarter. A small LCD touchscreen display will retail for $119, a GPS module will cost $99, a digital camera will cost $79, and a motion detector will cost $59. Sales begin Jan. 21; the company will offer an early-adopter discount for the first two months, and a special deal for an “all-in” bundle, which it will unveil later this month.

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