Bug Labs Founder: Sold Out Of Open-Source Mobile Gadgets

We stopped by Bug Labs‘ Flatiron headquarters tonight, where founder Peter Semmelhack told us he’s sold out of the first batch of the “Bug,” his startup’s open-source wireless device. Want one? Get in line. The next shipment is scheduled for May.

What’s a Bug? Think of it as a lego kit for mobile geeks: Mix-and-match pieces like LCD touchscreens, digital cameras, wi-fi, GPS, etc., all attached to a base unit. You can write any software you want for the gadgets — it’s basically a tiny computer — and because the hardware specs are open-source too, you can also design physical add-ons.

Semmelhack says, as expected, many of the first buyers were mobile hobbyists. But he was surprised to find out that about a third of the early adopters were corporations who are looking at the Bug as a potential replacement for expensive, custom devices.

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