Buffett Lunch Auction Expected Down This Year

buffett auction

It’s that time again. It’s your chance to bid on a lunch with Warren Buffett, with proceeds going to the Glide Foundation.

The auction can be found here, and the current bid is just $30,100, so you can safely bid without worrying that you’ll actually win the thing (but on the off chance that you do bid and win the lunch, don’t blame us).

In all likelihood, notes the Guardian, the value of the lunch will probably be down this year.

The auction was won last year by Hong Kong investment manager Zhao Danyang, who paid a record $2.1m (£1.1m), more than three times the previous record of $650,100. With extravagant lunches feeling a little vulgar in these straitened times, it seems unlikely to be matched, even if it is for charity. The auction runs until 26 June with the starting bid set at $25,000. Previous auctions have raised more than $4m.

The auction winner and up to seven friends will dine with Buffett at the Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in New York, described as “the steakhouse to end all arguments” by the New York Times.

Let’s play a game. Try to guess where it’ll end up. Whoever’s closest will get some lunch-related prize — possibly a lunch with Johrn Carney, but not necessarily.

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