Warren Buffett Looked Super Pumped At the 'Breaking Bad' Premier Last Night

Warren Buffett dropped in on the New York premiere of Breaking Bad‘s final season last night, walking the red carpet and posing for photos with actor Aaron Paul.

Buffett told a Buzzfeed reporter that it’s his “number one show, by far.”

“Not only is the story compelling — it’s a really an interesting story — but the acting is superb,” he told BuzzFeed.

And the 82-year-old billionaire even binge-watches the series on Netflix, just like you.

This isn’t the first time Buffett has hung out with Paul and his co-star Bryan Cranston. Earlier this year, he filmed a sketch with the duo that was used at the yearly Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting.

Read the full report at BuzzFeed>

Below, check out more bromance between Buffett and Paul (via CNBC’s Carl Qunitanilla):

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