The Buffalo Bills Stadium Is Buried In 6 Feet Of Snow 4 Days Before An NFL Game

The Buffalo Bills are scheduled to play the New York Jets at home on Sunday at 1 p.m. eastern.

The Bills stadium is in Orchard Park, a Buffalo suburb right in the heart of the lake-effect snow zone. As a result, it’s getting slammed by the massive storm that dumped up to six feet of snow across the city this week.

Here’s what the stadium looks like on the inside. It’s buried under an ocean of snow:

The snow has completely filled the field area. It’s up to the top of the wall that separates the field and the stands.

The team was scheduled to practice on Wednesday, but the players are snowed in. The team’s long-time PR person told Peter King that it was the worst storm he’s ever seen.

From around the stadium:

From the parking lot:

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