Budweiser Will Launch 3 Limited Edition 'Zip Code' Beers Next Month

Project 12 Budweiser Zip Code

Photo: Anheuser-Busch

Budweiser announced yesterday that it will launch three limited-edition beers next month in the U.S. named after the zip codes of the places where they were developed.The three beers, named for zip codes in LA, St. Louis, and Williamsburg, Virginia, are the winners of “Project 12” that was started this year in the early spring. Budweiser asked for 12 brewmasters from across America to write a unique beer recipe, and then the 12 were narrowed down to six beers that were chosen to be brewed in small batches.

Those six were then tasted by tens of thousands of consumers at events throughout the summer, and the three winners were crowned from their feedback.

The Los Angeles winner, 91406, is a deep-amber lager that uses four different types of hops. 63118 from St. Louis is a golden American pilsner that is made with the same types of hops commonly used at the original Budweiser St. Louis brewery during the 19th century. Finally, 23185 from Virginia’s Williamsburg is a bourbon cask lager aged with bourbon staves and spiced with vanilla beans.

The concept of naming beers after a location isn’t new for Budweiser’s parent company Anheuser-Bush: back in 2011 the company was all about trademarking city area codes after it bought Chicago microbrewer Goose Island and its 312 Urban Wheat Ale, and earlier in 2012, it tried to trademark a bunch of airport codes, too.

The zip code beers will be available starting October 29 in a 12-bottle sampler package.

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