Budweiser Continues Its Domination Of Viral Advertising With Another Tearjerker Puppy Ad

For many people (and we’re among them), Budweiser won the last Super Bowl commercial competition with its heartwarming tale of a puppy and one of the beer brand’s iconic Clydesdale horses.

The minute-long ad racked up the most YouTube views of any other Super Bowl spot, which are now well over 50 million. Building on that success, Budweiser has brought back a yellow lab for its latest hit ad, a PSA against drunk driving.

Here’s the ad, which has brought in 10.8 million views in four days:

Budweiser produced the digital-only ad with Momentum Worldwide as part of its “Global Be(er) Responsible” day against drunk driving last Friday.

Budweiser says that the ad is targeted at 21-27 year-olds who share content with friends on social media. It’s trending under “#FriendsAreWaiting.”

The feel-good message of responsible drinking is great PR, the online-only distribution is cost-effective, and the quick story of a guy who loves his dog is a great distraction at work. Everybody wins.

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