Budgy Smuggler is opening a store in Manly

Photo: STR/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Earlier this month, budgie smugglers were in the headlines after nine Aussie lads were tossed in a Malaysian jail for wearing nothing but their sluggos.

The problem was their briefs were patterned with the nation’s flag — a big no no in the south-east Asian country.

While it was a nightmare situation for the men involved, it put the swimsuit’s maker in the limelight.

In fact, Budgy Smuggler, as they are so aptly called, had their sales go through the roof.

“Given the increase in sales from around the world, we probably owe the boys a few shooeys,” said Jarrod Allen, head of R&D.

Now, off the back of the viral success, the business is opening its first shopfront.

It will be located at on the East Esplanade at Manly, opposite the Manly Wharf — prime position for a swimwear brand in the lead up to summer.

Doors open next Saturday, November 5.

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