Inside Buddy Media, The Company That Wants To Be The Biggest Social Media Marketer

Mike Lazerow Buddy Media

Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Buddy Media is one of the most successful startups using Facebook’s platform to build a business. Last year it raised $54 million at a $500 million valuation.

Buddy Media creates software solutions to enable companies to manage social media ad campaigns. The company has recently inked big deals with WPP that may enable it to becomes the single largest ad platform on Facebook.

They currently work with all social media networks, from Facebook to Google+, LinkedIn, with Twitter and Pinterest integration and design services to increase the social sharing potential for companies. 

In January they told us about their plans to move to a new office and once they were settled in we just had to go check it out.

We knew we were in the right place.

And what a welcoming group.

The office takes up 4 floors as well as a lounge/meeting area on a fifth floor. Ashlee Nunez sits behind the front desk and has been with Buddy Media since October 2011.

Down at the first floor where you enter they have a selection of awards they have received.

And a small waiting area. There is Joe Ciarallo, VP Communications at Buddy Media and our tour guide for the day.

They also have functional no frills meeting rooms.

The office floors are laid out in cubicles with offices for management and break out meetings on the side.

We stop in the office of Buddy Media Co-founder and CEO Michael Lazerow and he is busy at work.

He doesn't mind taking a portrait though and showing off his cool concert posters. Lazerow is a big fan of live music and loves Phish. It has even influenced the design of Buddy Media promotional materials...check out the poster behind him, it isn't for a band.

The company is focused on training and group experience so they have this big meeting area downstairs. It also doubles as a hang out area.

The stairwell from their last office...let's just say it wasn't quite as nice as the current one.

They had bobble heads made for the staff and then put together these graphics of the bobble heads.

The company has an in-house studio for conducting media trainings and producing video content for the site and its partners.

Tim Forster is their video producer and he has been with Buddy Media for a year and a half.

Nearby is a workout room.

Amanda Silbert is the Executive Assistant to Jeff Ragovin and Michael Jaindl.

Everyone really appreciates how hard she works!

Back up in the office everyone is busy working. Allie Rolnik (foreground) is a PR Associate with Buddy Media for about a year.

As we make our way through the office we spot Peter Goodman (centre), CEO and founder of Brighter Option with his Chief Product Officer Liam Doyle (right). They are meeting with David Honig (left), a Senior Director of Agency Global Relationships at Buddy Media. Buddy Media acquired Brighter Option in February.

The office has a very fun atmosphere, and they seem to enjoy making models of themselves. In addition to the bobble heads these big paper mache masks are a holdover from a Halloween costume party.

The heads keep watch on the building next door, but the reflection in the window means they are just staring at themselves.

Kass Lazerow, Buddy Media Co-founder and COO (and Michael's wife), meeting with Dennis Morgan, the company's CFO.

Big windows and white walls give the office an airy and open feel.

Patrick Stokes, Buddy Media's Chief Product Officer (right) in a meeting with Brandon Griffiths, a Systems Architect.

The tech team is a fun group and they are a big fan of memes...

Make sure you only work at your computer because ceiling cat is watching!

We head downstairs.

And encounter some positive encouragement.

Jamie Paakkonen has been a Production Designer at Buddy Media since October 2011.

She has this bright lunchbox on her desk.

A gift from the company and it is filled with candy!

Dan Reich, Director of Account Management, and Account Manager Helaine Knapp discuss client strategies.

And here are some real life bobble heads!

The company is doing well and it shows.

A little pick up office ball.

We check out the cool Ad Week campaign they ran a few months ago as we head out of the office.

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