Bucs Most Famous Season Ticket Holder, Dick Vitale, Is ‘Crushed’ By Chip Kelly’s Flip-Flop

Dick Vitale

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It took only a matter of hours for Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly to accept the head coaching job with the Tampa Bay Bucs, change his mind, and then play the standard “unfinished business” card. But while Oregon fans might be rejoicing, not everybody is taking the news well in Tampa, including ESPN basketball analyst Dick Vitale.Vitale, a Bucs season ticket holder, took to the Twitter-waves to air his frustration over the Bucs’ search for a new head coach( via JoeBucsFan.com)…

I am crushed what happened to the Kelly deal with the Bucs? Don’t want a re-tread! HELP US

This is not the first time Vitale has taken his sports fandom frustrations to his Twitter followers.  Back in 2010, Vitale, who is also a Tampa Bay Rays season ticket holder, called BJ Upton “very moody” and said his “numbers [are] terrible.”

And now, Vitale is on the Bucs, hoping they can recruit a Diaper Dandy that can be a member of the All-Frank Lloyd Wright Team.