The Bubble House in Queensland is made up of 11 intersecting domes and was inspired by the designer’s university thesis – take a look inside

Step inside the Bubble House.

This Bubble House in Ipswich, Queensland was built by architect Graham Birchall, Director of Birchall & Partners. It’s comprised of 11 circular domes and took 10 years to build, with construction beginning in 1983 and ending in 1993.

Birchall told Business Insider Australia the idea stemmed from his university thesis. A year after writing it, he created a mockup of the home and started building it.

The house is spread across 1,050 square metres of floor space and has three levels. It includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a four-car garage.

This unique house is now on the market, with buyers able to reach out to the real estate agent with expressions of interest. Birchall explained that the reason he put the house on the market was to cut down on the amount of travel he has to do to visit his grandchildren.

“I’ve enjoyed this for 37 years or something so it’s time for someone else to enjoy it.”

Here’s a closer look at the Bubble House.

The house takes the form of 11 intersecting circular domes. The domes vary in size between 4 and 8 metres in diameter.

On the first level, you enter through a tunnel.

Birchall explained that there are essentially no hallways – one dome just rolls into the other.

There’s a kitchen on the first level as well as the dining room.

There are two libraries in the house – one upstairs and one downstairs.

There’s also a media room.

Birchall said his favourite parts of the house are the fireplace room, the kitchen and the library.

Birchall designed the blinds in the windows like an iris in a camera, and even reached out to NASA to help with the design. “I was surprised they even talked to me,” he added.

As you continue in the house, there’s a sportsbar…

… and a private office where you can get all your work done.

There are also great views from the balcony.