An update broke BT Internet and sent customers’ emails to a random dude called Steve

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Steve’s got mail! Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A security update at BT Internet backfired on Tuesday — redirecting many customers’ emails to a random inbox belonging to someone called “Steve.”

A BT Internet customer got in touch with Business Insider to let us know that this afternoon half a dozen emails she sent came back with an “undeliverable” error message. The emails were being mistakenly redirected to the inbox of “[email protected]” rather than reaching their intended recipients.

The inbox — apparently overflowing with misdirected messages — automatically responded with an “mailbox full” error.

It’s not clear whether this affects all BT Internet accounts, or just a portion. The customer we spoke to was told by a customer service rep that the problem was “system-wide.” We called up BT Internet’s customer service line, and while they didn’t know exactly how many email accounts were affected, they said “quite a few customers” had called up to complain — all of their emails being sent to the same Steve Webb inbox. There are also a number of complaints on Twitter about the same issue.

In short: Someone called Steve Webb has been accidentally sent so many BT Internet customers’ emails that his inbox is full. Oops.

The customer service rep told us the company believes the issue was caused by a security update on Tuesday afternoon that was attempting to cut down on spam. BT Internet has since rolled the update back in an attempt to fix the problem, and one customer we spoke to was able to send an email successfully after this (but get in touch if it still doesn’t work).

A company PR rep could not immediately provide comment — because they didn’t know about the issue — but it sounds like it might be fixed.

Let’s hope Steve’s inbox is back to normal too.

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