Apple Might Not Be Turning iPads Into MacBooks, But This Company Is

the brydge ipad keyboard case

Photo: Brydge via Kickstarter

Kickstarter, a site that lets the community fund great ideas, has a new featured product that wants to turn iPads into MacBooks.Entrepreneurs are working on Brydge, a keyboard case for an iPad.  It’s seeking $90,000 in funding and, if complete, it will produce an aluminium cover that weighs 1.3 pounds (2.74 when connected to the iPad) and is 0.33 inches think.

The keyboard will clamp on to the iPad and high end models will have built-in speakers.

Apple has already said it won’t be making a product like this. During its earnings call, Tim Cook said, “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going be pleasing to the user.”

Brydge launched on Kickstarter yesterday. So far, 405 people have pledged $80,000 to make the keyboard cover a reality. Here’s how it works:

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