The 13 Levels Of Bryce Harper Cockiness That Make Him So Fun To Watch

Bryce Harper bleeding eye

Photo: masn/

Bryce Harper is baseball’s next five-tool mega superstar.There’s no denying that.

Since being called up by the Washington Nationals in late April he’s hit for power and contact, shown off his great speed by stealing home, and showcased a rocket arm.

Not bad for a guy who’s only been in the majors for about a month.

But despite all the success there’s a part of Harper’s game that always gets criticised: his swagger.

Nats fans would probably just call it confidence.

Phillies fans might prefer the term cockiness or something way worse, however.

Harper started doing this well before he got to MLB, intimidating opposing college hitters with his eye-black and glare from the mound

It continued in minor league dugouts

Even during batting practice

OK. Maybe Harper does smile every once in a while

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