Phillies fans booed Bryce Harper after he struck out during rough first game of his 13-year $330 million contract

  • Bryce Harper heard light boos from Philadelphia Phillies fans after striking out twice during his debut.
  • Harper signed a 13-year $US330 million contract with the Phillies during the offseason.
  • Harper’s contract doesn’t have any opt-outs.

Bryce Harper’s tenure with the Philadelphia Phillies didn’t get off to a great start.

Harper, perhaps the most coveted free agent this offseason, signed with the Phillies on a 13-year $US330 million contract.

However, Phillies fans apparently didn’t have much patience for the former MVP, lightly booing him in the sixth inning when he struck out during his third plate appearance of the day, bringing him to 0-3. He grounded out in the first inning and struck out in the fourth, for which he reportedly also heard some boos.

The boos weren’t widespread, but those in attendance made clear that there were some jeers.

Here is video from’s Zack Rosenblatt:

It’s early in the season, but it’s not a good start, considering Harper’s 13-year deal doesn’t have any opt-outs.

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