Bryce Harper Accidentally Tweets Picture Of Himself Wearing Nike Shorts

Bryce Harper was excited to show his Twitter followers that he had the stitches removed from his knee and is now able to get back to work so he posted a picture of himself riding an exercise bike. However, that picture was quickly deleted and replaced by a nearly identical picture with one glaring difference.

The screengrab on the left, via Mashable, shows the original picture posted by Harper. In the picture, Harper, who has an endorsement deal with Under Armour, is wearing Nike shorts with the swoosh prominently displayed. That tweet was deleted and replaced by a pair of tweets. The first tweet had the original text from the deleted tweet. The second tweet, on the right, included a picture of Harper on a bike. Only this time, the Nike shorts had been replaced by Under Armour shorts and now Harper is wearing an Under Armour hoodie, both with the logos prominently displayed.

Harper is recovering from surgery on his knee to repair the bursa sac

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