Bryant Gumbel: David Stern Is A 'Modern Plantation Overseer' Who Treats NBA Players As 'His Boys'

Bryant Gumbel reserved the final segment of HBO’s latest episode of Real Sports to comment about the ongoing NBA lockout and his opinions of commissioner David Stern were explosive.

Gumbel compared Stern’s control over NBA players to that of a “plantation overseer.” He charged Stern with exhibiting a history of “disdain for the players” that “is as palpable and pathetic as his motives are transparent.”

He believes a settlement will not be reached until the commissioner stops “being part of the problem.”

NBA players and owners met for another 16 hours Tuesday and plan to reconvene Wednesday morning for another marathon session. Yet, according to writers staked out at the meetings, a compromise isn’t close.

Tensions are high. And anger, as one can clearly see, is at an all-time level.

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