Cincinnati Reds manager drops the F-word 77 times in a five-minute rant at a reporter

Bryan price redsChristian Petersen/GettyBryan Price was not happy about two reports from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price went on a five-minute, 34-second rant to reporters on Monday afternoon after a question from C. Trent Rosencrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

While Price was upset by the Reds’ poor play of late, he was more angry about two Enquirer stories in which news was reported before the team announced it.

During pregame media session, when the camera crews had left, Price went off on Rosencrans in front of a small group of players. 

When asked about the availability of catcher Devin Mesoraco, who Rosencrans accurately reported hadn’t been with the team for a week, Price responded, “Well, obviously he’s not here. We broke that story last night, apparently.”

Price then began a rant at Rosencrans, berating him over reporting information that the Reds had not made public. Though Price’s tone remained fairly calm for most of it, he used the F-word a total of 77 times with a slew of other curses thrown in. 

Price says (full audio below via the Washington Post):

“Has it always been this way where we just tell f****** everybody everything? So every f****** opponent we have has to know exactly what we have. Which f****** relievers are available, which guys are here and which guys aren’t here, when they can play, and what they can do. It’s nobody’s f****** business.”

He later asks Rosencrans how it benefits Price and the Reds to have insider information leaked, and Rosencrans says, “I don’t think you do [benefit] and I don’t know that that’s my job.”

Price then continued his rant, saying he’s always been candid to the media, but if they’re going to report things before he gets the chance, he’ll clam up and give simple, uninformative answers.

Rosencrans transcribed the entire interaction here. Here’s the most profane part:

Bryan Price: Your job is not to sniff out every f****** thing is about the Reds and f****** put it out there for every other f****** guy to hear. It’s not your job. You want me to be candid with you? I’ve been candid with you. I f****** talk to you guys like men, I tell you what the f***’s going on with the team, I tell you how I’m feeling as candidly as I can and then this s***? You’ve got to watch this f****** s***? I’ve got to f****** read that on a f****** Tweet on our own people in here that we don’t have a f****** player? How the f*** does that benefit the Reds? It doesn’t benefit us one f****** bit. God **** we try to go out there and win f****** games and I got to come in here and then you guys f****** blow it all over the f****** place? Who we can play? Who we can’t? I’ll tell you what you want to know, I’m not going to f****** lie to you. I didn’t tell you f****** s***.

Reporter: You did not lie to me and I appreciate it.

BP: Ah, f***. I’m just, I’m f****** p****** up a rope in this f****** business. Because everyone has to know everything all the f****** time. That’s not my f****** obligation, it’s not their obligation. You know why f****** Billy Hamilton didn’t f****** play? The other day? Because his f****** finger’s hurt and he couldn’t hit right-handed comfortably. Right? So that’s something that I need to know and no one else needs to know. No one else needs to f****** know it, and all of a sudden it’s out there. His f****** fingers are sore. It doesn’t benefit us. It wasn’t from you, but it doesn’t benefit us one bit to f****** announce to the f****** other teams that we’re playing to bring in lefties when they need to f****** get Billy out. There’s no benefit. So, I’m f******, to be honest with you, I’m f****** sick of this s***. I’m sick of listening to this f****** s***, I’m sick of f****** the f****** second-guessing b*******, you guys can do whatever the f*** you want, but I’ll tell you this — I’m not going to f****** tell you everything about this f****** club, because you f****** guys are going to out there and sniff it out anyway. I don’t f****** like it one f****** bit. I bend over backwards to be honest and direct with you f****** guys and you stick it right up my f****** a** — and the f****** team’s a**. And I’m sick of it. What do you got? If you don’t got anything, get out and I’ll do this f****** interview with Marty. You don’t have anything? Just get out, please.

The Washington Post also posted audio of the rant, found below (NSFW):

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