Former JPM And Bear Stearns Analysts Leave Wall Street To Rent Hot Girls With Drink Trays

Bryan Auld

Former JPMorgan and Bear Stearns analysts Bryan Auld and Dominic D’Aleo did the job-jump from Wall Street to entrepreneur the right way, and now they have the best job ever: outsourcing (think renting out) hot girls with trays to New York City bars.They learned everything they needed to know about profit margins in a year and then left to found Auld D’Aleo Inc, a company that, as Bryan writes on his Facebook page:

Auld D’Aleo Inc. is a consultant for bars/clubs/lounges based in Manhattan, NY. A&D hires bartenders, shotgirls, dancers, waitresses as well as maximizing revenue while generating new sources of income.

The Wall Street Journal explains it better:

Margins are high when attractive women wearing revealing tops and short shorts sell trays of Jell-O shots and watered-down tequila in a plastic test tube. The drinks cost 15 cents to make and sell for $3 or $4.

Auld, who graduated from Iona College in 2006, has written a “shot girl bible” (or as Auld calls it, the “best practices of the trade”) of 10 rules the “stable” of shot girls have to follow. From what we can tell from this Wall Street Journal article, they are:

#1: Always be the friendliest girl in the room.

#2: You’re not selling cheap liquor, you’re selling flirtation.

#3: Use your “secret weapon.” For one girl, her “secret weapon is her inordinately large hands on a petite and pretty frame.” When a group of guys waver over a round of drinks, she proposes a wager. “If my hands are bigger than yours, you’re buying.”

#4: Yell trivia questions at groups of men that are ignoring you. One girl uses: “What’s the only night of the year no sports are played?” (Answer: The day after baseball’s all-star game.)

#5: Counter rejection with aplomb, continuing to smile and sell to the last.

#6: Do not spend too much time with a patron or group of patrons. “The foundation of our strategy relies on high-volume sale propositions. We must walk the fine line of being quantity salesman, while giving respect to those who purchase our items.”

#7: Each interaction with a potential customer is an investment, and even an unpromising start usually yields dividends by night’s end.

#8: Dress sexy.

#9: Never give up.

#10: Memorize this list.

Auld and D’Aleo apparently bring in several hundred thousand dollars per year selling the girls and their trays to bars like Manhatten’s Turtle Bay, Calico Jacks and McFadden’s.

Best. Job. Ever.

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