The gloves worn by the suspected Brussels suicide bombers might have been a giveaway

The Belgian prosecutor’s office has confirmed that the three men in this CCTV footage are suspects in the investigation of the Brussels attacks, according to the RTBF.

And this picture reveals an important detail that might have given them away.

The two men dressed in black are thought to have been the suicide bombers. Both of them are only wearing only one glove on their left hand.

According to Belgian news site La Libre, the single glove could have helped them hide a detonator. A security expert also told Sky News that the matching gloves could be a clue about what device was used.

The man in white on the right is suspected of being an attacker and is being actively sought by police. In addition to wearing a different colour scheme, he does not seem to be wearing a glove. It is not clear whether the fact that all three chose to use luggage carts is significant. We don’t know if there were explosives on those trolleys. An un-exploded suicide vest and a Kalashnikov were also found at the airport.

The attacks on the Belgian capital on Tuesday killed 30 people and left hundreds more injured. Two explosions ripped through the Zaventem Airport and another explosion rocked the Maelbeek metro station in the centre of Brussels.

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