Check Out The Hamptons Club Where The Champagne Arrives By Parachute

Guest of a Guest Day & Night Brunch Hamptons

Day & Night Hamptons — Montauk’s ultimate table-dancing “brunch” party — is coming back this Memorial Day.

And in true Hamptons style, Derek and Daniel Koch, the brothers behind the party, are hiring a skydiver to deliver Dom Perignon rosé to tables via parachute.


The skydiver will drop from 13,500 feet to your table at the Gurney’s Inn on Montauk’s shore front with a chilled bottle of champagne. That’s way better than a sparkler (though they’ll probably have those, too).

Day & Night will only be in the Hamptons Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, August 3rd, and labour Day this year, but it sounds like they’re going to make each weekend as memorable as possible.

Our friends at Guest of a Guest shared some pictures from past Day & Night parties so you can get an idea of what you’re in for.

Montauk's Gurney's Inn looks peaceful enough with views of the Atlantic Ocean.

That is, until Day & Night brunch arrives.

The party lasts all afternoon with a DJ, bottles, and models dancing on tables.

Things get pretty wild.

They have ridiculously huge bottles of champagne you can order, if you're into that.

And most people are.

Just don't drop them.

These sparklers are cool, but not as cool as a bottle delivered by a skydiver.

Even though it's only the afternoon, everyone gets wasted.

And they love it.

Party on, Day & Night Hamptons.

Looking for a different type of club?

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