Someone told Bruce Willis about the viral 'Die Hard' movie pitch and he didn't say no

Eric D. Wilkinson, the fan who took out a full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter for his “Die Hard” movie pitch, shouldn’t lose hope yet.

Thanks to a red carpet reporter, Bruce Willis has heard Wilkinson’s plot idea. And while the star wasn’t exactly clamoring for more info, he didn’t say no!

Wilkinson is an independent writer and movie producer who was inspired to write his own “Die Hard” idea after it was revealed there would be a sixth film entitled “Die Hard: Year One.” Wilkinson believed he could come up with a better angle than the creators, so he went for it.

He came up with a plot and took out an ad in The Hollywood Reporter, which cost him “thousands of dollars,” he told Tech Insider. In his version of the story, the movie would follow John McClane in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

And though Wilkinson was doubtful Bruce Willis or any makers of “Die Hard” would see his ad, The Hollywood Reporter made his dreams come true by asking Willis about the pitch idea at the Broadway opening of Misery on Sunday.

Sadly, Willis, THR reports, had never heard of it [emphasis ours]:

When asked about the page at the Broadway opening of Misery
, held Sunday at New York City’s Tao Downtown, Willis had not already read it for himself

he’s been a bit busy in the new staging of the Stephen King novel and Rob Reiner film, in which he plays an injured author held captive by his unhinged “number one fan” when she learns that he plans to kill off her favourite fictional character.

And even after THR told him the summary for Wilkinson’s plot, Willis still seemed far too distracted and busy with current projects to focus on the actual pitch:

After THR shared a summary of Wilkinson’s pitch, Willis responded, “It seems far away right now,” as the actor’s limited engagement runs through Feb. 14. “I don’t know.”

Even though Willis didn’t see the ad on his own, his response isn’t a definite no, which could be heartening to Wilkinson. Since the movie was just announced in October and is yet to start filming, there could be time for a plot change.

Still if his plot goes nowhere, Wilkinson is hopeful that someone in Hollywood will see his pitch and realise that he’s a creative person with lots of ideas for movies, screenplays, and more.

“Two years from now if a ‘Die Hard’ movie comes out with my plot and they never call me about it, people will know that I wrote it,” the eternally optimistic Wilkinson said. “It’s my idea.”

You can read the full “Die Hard” ad below:

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