Bruce Wasserstein Beats Market And Scores Wife


As you know, down less than 50% is the new up for financial firms. With so many banks clocking in losses, Lazard threw everyone a head fake at the market by saying its fourth quarter income had dropped only 36 per cent to $38 million. Even more shockingly, Lazard actually had a profit for the fourth quarter. It earned 50 cents per share, which means it beat analyst estimate by about 1000 per cent. 

It looks like Bruce Wasserstein’s busy love life hasn’t hurt Lazard a bit. This summer he was spotted showing up at Hamptons parties with a mystery woman who always gets described as “young” and “Asian.” Now Page Six is reporting that Wasserstein and Mysterious Asian Girl tied the knot a couple of weeks ago in a secret marriage ceremony. It was only two years ago that rumours were circulating that Wasserstein was seriously ill and losing weight rapidly. Maybe he was just love-sick!