Security Expert Bruce Schneier: The NSA's Spying Program Is 'Like Death --  We All Know How The Story Ends'

Bruce schneierWikimediaBruce Schneier

There’s a great Q&A with
Bruce Schneierup at
the MIT Technology Review.

Schneier is a brand-name guy in the world of computer security technology and is all too happy to talk about PRISM, the NSA’s domestic spying program.

He says it’s “like death”! Here’s the relevant portion of the Q&A, he speaking:

We are seeing the NSA collecting data from all of the cloud providers we use: Google and Facebook and Apple and Yahoo, etc. We see the NSA in partnerships with all the major telcos in the U.S., and many others around the world, to collect data on the backbone. We see the NSA deliberately subverting cryptography, through secret agreements with vendors, to make security systems less effective. The scope and scale are enormous.

The only analogy I can give is that it’s like death. We all know how the story ends. But seeing the actual details, and seeing the actual programs, is very different than knowing it theoretically.

So it seems pretty clear which side of the conversation he stands on, though it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise — Schneier has previously asserted that history will hail Edward Snowden as a hero for his leaks surrounding PRISM.

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