'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' will air a 2-part special on Bruce Jenner's transition

How has Bruce Jenner’s transgender announcement affected the Kardashian family? We’re about to find out.

The E! Network will be airing a two-part special titled “Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce,” the cable channel said in a press release.

The special will premiere on Sunday, May 17 at 9 p.m. and conclude on Monday, May 18 starting at 9 p.m.

It will feature footage of the family reacting to Bruce’s admission that he is transgender and plans to transition into living as a woman full time.

Here’s E!’s description of the program:

In the special Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie and Scott speak candidly with Bruce, ask many questions and begin to understand the tough journey he’s been on his entire life. Through difficult and direct conversations, the family’s unfiltered reactions are surprising, thoughtful and ultimately compassionate and supportive. Through sharing their own family’s story, the Kardashians are hoping to help other families experiencing the same thing. The special also includes family home video footage that reminds viewers and the family of the special times they spent with Bruce as a father, husband and friend, and serves as inspiration for the memories they will create as Bruce lives his “new normal.”

E!’s announcement of the special arrives nearly two weeks after Bruce spoke for the first time about his transgender status and intention to live as a women with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “20/20.” In the interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, the 65-year-old Olympian-turned-reality star confirmed that “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

It was followed by reports that some in the Kardashian family aren’t supportive of Bruce. Ex-wife Kris Jenner, 59, reportedly passed on submitting a comment for the special, although two other ex-wives of Bruce provided supporting statements. Kris denies that ABC offered her an opportunity to give a statement. Additionally, there were reports that Kourtney Kardashian’s partner Scott Disick, 31, felt Jenner’s transition is “weird” and decided not to join the family in watching the “20/20” interview. 

The special is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions and Ryan Seacrest Productions, the companies behind the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” TV franchise.

Watch a first look at the special below in which Kris and Kim Kardashian West have a heart-to-heart about Bruce:

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