Some people in the Browns reportedly think Robert Griffin III’s injury will benefit the team in an unusual way

Hue Jackson RG3

ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen teamed up on Thursday for a report on the Cleveland Brown’s latest quarterback imbroglio, which includes a telling detail about the relationship between Robert Griffin III, head coach Hue Jackson, and the organisation more broadly.

According to the report, the injury suffered by RG3 in Week 1 will actually be a blessing in disguise for the team.

From ESPN:

“Yet there are those in the Browns’ building who think Griffin’s injury could turn out to be a good thing for the franchise, because coach Hue Jackson was so focused on righting Griffin. The team now can move on and do what it needs.”

Against the Eagles in Week 1, Robert Griffin III fractured a bone in his left shoulder while scrambling toward a first down. The Browns placed him on the injured reserve, and in their piece Schefter and Mortensen report that the Browns expect him to miss between 10 and 12 weeks.

On the one hand, it makes sense that Jackson would have spent so much time focusing on improving Griffin’s play and trying to turn his career around. The Browns needed a miracle to be competitive this season, and that would largely have depended on Griffin returning to some semblance of the form we saw during his rookie season in Washington.

But at the same time, that Jackson was spending enough of his time working with Griffin as to make others in the organisation insinuate feeling glad about Griffin’s injury is worrisome. Either Jackson was legitimately neglecting other head coaching duties — which isn’t what you want out of a new head coach — or Griffin’s presence was so immediately cancerous to the organisation that unnamed sources told ESPN they are better off with him being injury.

Now that Griffin is injured, the Browns are moving forward with 37-year-old Josh McCown. Their other quarterback — third-round draft pick Cody Kessler — is now the backup. Regarding Kessler, Schefter and Mortensen report that he “isn’t close to being ready to play — expectations for him aren’t particularly high.”

The Browns are still the Browns.

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