The Cleveland Browns Named Their 19th Starting Quarterback Since 1999

The Browns are 0-2 and once again are last in the division. To make matters worse, now they are without their starting quarterback.

The team announced today that former Patriot Brian Hoyer will get the start on Sunday after starter Brandon Weeden sustained a sprained right thumb against the Ravens last weekend.

Whether through free agency, transactions, or the draft, the Browns have had a rough time finding a franchise quarterback and still are without one after 15 years.

Here some of the Browns most notable quarterbacks that were supposed to turn the organisation around, starting with the 1999 number one overall pick.

Tim Couch (1999-2003)

Jeff Garcia (2004)

Charlie Frye (2005-2007) Derek Anderson (2005-2009) Brady Quinn (2007-2009)

Colt McCoy (2010-2012)

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