The Cleveland Browns May Be Able To Draft Both Jadeveon Clowney And Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns made a big splash when they traded Trent Richardson to the Colts for a first-round draft pick. But they may just be preparing for an even bigger splash if they are able to draft two of the most exciting players in college football.

If the Browns are tanking the season and the Colts finish in the middle of the pack as many are predicting, the Browns may end up in perfect position to draft both Jadeveon Clowney and Johnny Manziel.

Depending on how Clowney responds to off-season surgery and how desperate other teams are to draft Teddy Bridgewater, Clowney should be available to the Browns if they have one of the top three picks.

In addition, Mel Kiper Jr. has Manziel as the 25th best prospect in next year’s draft and will be just the fourth or fifth best quarterback prospect depending on which underclassmen are available. This suggests that the Heisman-winning quarterback would be available to the Browns if their second pick is in the range of 15-20.

Drafting Clowney along with Manziel would also be a very smart and typical move for a team with two first-round picks. The Browns would be getting one player (Clowney) that is deemed a can’t-miss prospect that can be a difference-maker right away. They would then have the freedom to take a chance on a riskier player (Manziel) without placing the entire success off the draft on his shoulders.

The Browns would also be getting first-round talent on both sides of the ball and at two of the most important positions on the field.

A lot of people didn’t like that the Browns traded Richardson. But they will probably change their mind if Cleveland can draft both Clowney and Manziel.

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