The Cleveland Browns Hired NFL Network Analyst And Bill Simmons Podcast Guest Michael Lombardi

bill simmonsBill Simmons

Michael Lombardi worked in the Oakland Raiders’ front office for most of the 2000s, but he’s probably best known for his frequent appearances on Bill Simmons’ wildly popular BS Report podcast.Today, the Cleveland Browns hired Lombardi as VP of player personnel.

It’s not a huge surprise. Lombardi has been involved in GM rumours for a number of teams for the last few years. The Raiders were incrediblly successful during the early part of his tenue.

He’s been a media guy since he left the team in 2007, working for the NFL Network and turning himself into Simmons’ go-to guy for NFL talk.

This is the third ESPN-affliated media member to get hired by a pro team in the last year. Sebastian Pruiti — a who wrote about the NBA for Grantland — got hired by the Oklahoma City Thunder. And John Hollinger, ESPN’s advanced basketball stats guy, got hired by the Memphis Grizzlies.

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