It's looking more and more like the Browns' bungled deadline trade for a quarterback cost their vice president his job

  • The Cleveland Browns fired Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown on Thursday.
  • According to a report, Brown’s reputation in the organisation took a hit after botching a trade for a quarterback at the trade deadline.
  • With a treasure trove of picks in this year’s draft, getting a franchise quarterback will clearly be the top goal after Brown did not accomplish it in two years.

The Cleveland Browns announced on Thursday that they fired Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown.

Brown lasted less than two seasons with the Browns, who went 1-27 during his tenure.

While Brown and head coach Hue Jackson were reportedly not on the same page, with’s Mark Kay Cabot describing it as an “ongoing battle,” one incident in particular seems to have doomed Brown.

On October 31, at the NFL’s trade deadline, the Browns and Cincinnati Bengals had reportedly worked out a trade for Bengals backup quarterback A.J. McCarron. According to Cabot, Jackson had asked the team to get a veteran quarterback after cycling back and forth between rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer and second-year QB Cody Kessler, and ownership mandated it.

However, reports later indicated that the Browns botched the paperwork and did not get the deal approved in time for the 4:00pm ET deadline. The deal never went through.

Cabot reported on Thursday that the botched deal hurt Brown within the organisation.

“Brown’s status with the club took a huge hit when he botched the trade for Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron trade on Oct. 31st. Jackson had asked the Browns to supply him with the veteran quarterback, and Haslam stepped in and mandated that Brown get the deal done.

“But it fell through at the deadline when the Browns failed to notify the NFL of the trade terms in time.

“The writing was on the wall that Haslam had sided with Jackson when he spent time on the field talking to McCarron and Jackson before the 30-16 loss to the Bengals on Nov. 26.”

Quarterback has been the team’s main struggle over the past two seasons. They have played six quarterbacks over the past two seasons, and traded picks that became Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. ESPN’s Pat McManamon reported that missing out on Wentz, Watson, and McCarron “do not paint a good picture” for the front office.

The Browns have a treasure trove of draft picks in the 2018 draft, including two in the first round and three in the second round that could help turn the team around. While Jackson survived the season, it’s clear that the team can’t threaten to go 0-16 again next season as they are now for the second year in a row. Drafting a good quarterback could be a positive first step for the next front-office hire.

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