A potentially deadly brown snake was found in a child's lunch box

Facebook/ Snake Catchers Adelaide

Australians know all too well that snakes find their way into the strangest of places.

The slithering reptiles, which seek security and warmth, are often found curled up in ceilings, or in storage boxes in sheds.

This week a baby brown snake was found inside a child’s lunch box.

Brown snakes are among the most deadly in the world and even its young are dangerous.

Snake Catchers Adelaide posted a photo of the discovery on their Facebook page saying: “Not really what you expect to see when you check if you’re child ate their fruit,” after someone sent the picture in for snake identification.

Even a baby brown snake has the potential to kill a person.

“Any venomous snake, as soon as it hatches, has all the apparatus to deliver venom because the first thing they have to do is catch and kill prey – it’s a perfect replica of an adult snake,” Queensland Museum information officer and snake expert Steve Wilson told the ABC back in 2012.

“Brown snakes are highly venomous and a baby brown could potentially kill or at least seriously harm a human being – adult or child.”

Since it was posted 19 hours ago, the photo has attracted 4,165 shares and 1,800 comments.

One Facebook user said, “I prefer Allen’s snakes in my lunchbox personally”.

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