Colorado Nonprofit Sells Obamacare As 'Brosurance' With Cringeworthy Viral Ad Campaign

A pair of liberal non-profits have teamed up to help smooth over the slow start of Colorado’s health insurance marketplace with an online marketing push that reimagines the classic “Got Milk?” campaign in a way that doesn’t quite do justice to the original.

ProgressiveNow Colorado Education and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative released eight in-house ads to continue their “Thanks Obamacare!” campaign, which
pokes fun at conservative Obama bashers and encourages the uninsured to sign up for health benefits.
This one in particular drew strong reactions on Twitter from both sides of the aisle:

BrosGot Insurance ColoradoBrosurance is the new Obamacare

Two of the bros are recast as Club Med “buddies”:

BuddiesGot Insurance ColoradoThese buds play golf dangerously

And this one for mums has some Rocky Mountain State Republicans in a fuss over its lead, who has worked for the Democratic Party:

MamaGot Insurance ColoradoColorado conservatives expected her to be nonpartisan

Colorado’s health insurance marketplace struggled during its first week after launching, with just over 160,000 page visits and only 226 enrollments.

The #GotInsurance campaign is an attempt to boost those numbers by speaking to people, bros or not, in their language via the straightforward web address,

The goofy ads have been garnering lots of mixed responses on Twitter. Business Insider’s Brett LoGiurato added to the discussion, calling the brosurance riff, “the ad that will keep you from buying Obamacare.” He also remarked on the “Club Med” ad, pointing out that it’s “literally not possible to break your head during a game of golf.”

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